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LGB Repair Parts and Accessories

We offer a large and growing selection of repair and replacement parts for LGB® locomotives. Our repair and replacement parts are imported from Germany and manufactured by LGB®, Massoth, or one of the many LGB® OEMs.

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Massoth XLS Sound Decoder and Massoth Pulsed Smoke Generator for DCC

Featured Massoth Products

Massoth Automatic Uncoupler, 2 pack

Product number: 8414002
$115.90 plus shipping

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Massoth Automatic Uncoupler

The Massoth Automatic Uncoupler may be used to remotely uncouple a locomotive from a trailing train simply by pressing a button. It fits easily in many G-Scale locomotives from LGB® and other manufacturers.

The uncoupler is made of black fiberglass plastics, in proven injection molds, for maximum durability and stability. It is compatible with LGB's standard hook and loop couplers, and may be used with any standard digital decoder.

The uncoupler consists of a drive unit and a mechanical unit. A miniature motor and the requisite micro electronic circuitry are fully integrated in the drive unit. The motor lowers and raises the uncoupler's hook up and down, while the mechanical unit pushes and pulls the uncoupler's loop forward and backward. Read more ...

Massoth LED Light Sets

Product number: 8129510, 8129520, 8129530
$12.90 - $18.90 plus shipping

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Massoth LED Light Sets

The Massoth LED Light Sets can be used to replace or supplement existing lighting in garden railway trains, cars, and buildings. Each set consist of an LED, a resistor and a connecting cable. The sets are best suited for use in DCC operations. The required resistor is already attached to the LED, as is the connecting cable. A set may be connected to a decoder function with an output voltage of 5..22V, no special knowledge or programming is required. Read more...

Massoth eMOTION Melody Module

Product number: 8293001
$71.90 plus shipping

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Massoth eMOTION Melody Module

The Massoth Melody Module is a programmable sound module that may be used on a model train layout to play sounds in locomotives, cars, or stationary structures; it can play up to 12 individual sounds.

The Massoth Melody Module is suitable for analog and digital operations. In digital mode, Individual sounds may be assigned to one of 28 function keys and played by pressing the assigned key; only one sound can be played at a time. Individual sounds may also be looped, activated, or deactivated permanently. In analog mode, the module plays a programmed sequence of individual sounds; the sequence starts automatically and repeats infinitely.

The Massoth Melody Module features 2 contact inputs that may be used in analog or digital mode to trigger individual sounds with track magnets or other switches. Read more ...

Massoth Track Bender II, Track code 332 and 250

Product number: 8105101
$275.00 plus shipping

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Massoth Track Bender

The Massoth patented Track Bender II is designed to work with track that conforms to track Code 332. It simultaneously and effortlessly bends both rails and the bed of flexible G-Scale track to almost any desired track radius; the smallest possible track radius is 30cm.

With a simple, no tools required conversion, the Track Bender II can also work with track that conforms to track code 250.

The Track Bender II features a massive aluminum body and a unique lever mechanism that makes adjusting the radius of the track easy compared to standard track benders. An easily readable adjustment scale ensures precise setting of the bending mechanism. Readjusting or re-bending previously bent track can thus easily be accomplished with the Massoth Track Bender II.
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Massoth eMOTION Electronic Fuse, 2 pack

Product number: 8242070
$17.90 plus shipping

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Massoth eMOTION Electronic Fuse

A short circuit on a layout can happen in a blink of an eye. Occasionally, the results are severe raging from burned wires to burned locomotives. The Massoth Electronic Fuse is designed to protected against damage caused by short circuits by automatically interrupting current supply that exceeds 4 Amps.
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Massoth Pulsed Smoke Generator for Round Boilers

Product No.: 8415001 - Pulsed Smoke Generator for Round Boilers
$106.90 plus shipping

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Massoth Pulsed Smoke Generator Round Boilers

The Massoth pulsed smoke generator for round boilers may be retrofitted in most G scale steam locomotives. It combines pulsed steam and cylinder steam functionality in a single unit. With an outer diameter of only 30mm, the unit can be easily installed in smaller G scale locomotives such as the LGB Stainz and Franzburg.

The Massoth Pulsed Smoke Generator for Round Boilers connects directly to track power and operates with DCC speed steps, hall-effect sensor, or clock signal from a decoder. With a newly designed fan and optimized airflow this smoke unit makes more smoke than ever. Overheating and dry-run protection are integrated.

The pulsed smoke generator is equipped with a fully integrated decoder that features a standard loco address and a separate programming address.
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Massoth DiMAX 1202B Digital Booster

Product number: 8141001
$549.00 plus shipping

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Massoth DiMAX 1202B Digital Booster

The DiMAX 1202B digital booster features two separate output channels that can be operated jointly (parallel mode) or separately (discrete mode). When the channels are operated in parallel mode, the booster is capable of a continuous throughput of 12 Amps. When the channels are operated in discrete mode, each channel is capable of a continuous throughput of 6 Amps.

The 1202B requires an external DC power supply (18-24 V DC) for operation; its output voltage can be infinitely adjusted in 2V steps from 14 to 22V.

The Booster is equipped with an integrated breaking module; it can be operated as (a) a booster or(b) a booster with a braking function.

The 1202B features a temperature controlled fan, an automatic over-heat protection circuit, automatic overload protection circuit. 6 front-panel-mounted LED-status-indicator-lights, 3 for each channel, and 4 additional indicator lights for track voltage. Read more ...

Massoth eMOTION XLS On-board Sound Decoder

Product number: 82X6XXX
$229.00 plus shipping

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eMotion XLS On-board Sound Decoder

The Massoth eMOTION XLS on-board decoder is a powerful 4.0 Amps driving, function, and sound decoder designed for installation in LGB locomotives factory equipped with an LGB DCC Interface or an LGB On-board Decoder. Installation is plug and play, existing cables are unplugged from the factory installed PCB and plugged into the Massoth on-board decoder.

The XLS on-board decoder features a 3.5Amps output stage for up to two motors, 3 light outputs, 4 function outputs, 2 contacts inputs, a SUSI-MTB(Märklin Train Bus) interface, and an integrated 2.8 watt Class D sound amplifier with 6 independent sound channels.

The XLS offers selectable 14/28/128 speed steps, analog and digital operation, digital/analog Back EMF, and overload - overheat protection for motor and function outputs.

The Massoth eMOTION XLS-M1 decoder is fully compatible with NMRA/DCC, and compatible with all generations of the LGB® MTS system. Read more ...

Massoth eMOTION XXL II Locomotive Decoder

Product number: 8153101
$114.90 plus shipping

In stock for immediate delivery
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eMotion XXL Locomotive Decoder

The Massoth eMOTION XXL II decoder is a small 10.0Amps driving and function decoder. It is capable of handling a continuous motor load of 6.0Amps with a peak load of 8.0Amps.

The XXL II decoder features selectable 14/28/128 speed steps, 3 light outputs and 10 function outputs with a maximum total load capacity of 2.0Amps, 1 contact input, 2 servo controls, analog and digital operation, digital and analog Back EMF, and a Massoth-SUSI interface.

Operating the XXL II decoder with an additional power buffer increases its dependability: brief track power disruptions are bridged in analog and digital operation and contaminated tracks and switch frogs are negotiated without any speed changes or interruptions.

The Massoth eMOTION XXL II decoder is fully compatible with NMRA/DCC, and compatible with all generations of the LGB® MTS system. Read more ...

Massoth DiMAX 4-channel Switch Decoder II

Product number: 8156101
$89.90 plus shipping

In stock for immediate delivery
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Massoth Dimax 4 Channel Switch Decoder

Massoth's DiMAX 4-channel motor and switch decoder is an all-purpose decoder with 8 function outputs that can be controlled digitally, by reed relays, or by other switches. The decoder can be controlled via loco address or switch address.

In switch address mode, the decoder features 4 coupled function outputs: 1 & 2 (SW1), 3 & 4 (SW2), 5 & 6 (SW3), and 7 & 8 (SW4). Dual power amplifiers facilitate operation of switch drive is two directions and an intelligent protection software inhibits simultaneous operation of coupled functions.

In loco address mode, the decoder features 8 freely programmable function outputs where each output can be triggered independently.

The 4-channel switch decoder features 8 programmable contact inputs that can be used to operate switches by pushing a button on a control panel or by activating a track contact. Read more ...

Massoth DiMAX PC Module USB

Product number: 8175201
$154.90 plus shipping

In stock for immediate delivery
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Massoth PC Module

The Massoth DiMAX PC Module offers an easy way to update the firmware of Massoth DiMAX Digital bus components such as the Navigator, the feedback module, and the RC receiver. It may also be used for programming Massoth decoders or updating their firmware.

The module is required for updating the firmware and changing the sound of Massoth sound decoders.

When used in conjunction with Massoth's DCC programmer software, the module can read CV values from and write CV values to all kinds of DCC components e.g. digital decoders, sound decoders, and other digital components.

A USB cable to connect the Module to PC is provided; a SUSI fast-update cable for updating decoders equipped with a SUSI interface is also provided.

A 16-24V DC power supply (2 Amps minimum) is required to operate the module. Read more ...

Massoth Decoder Service Board

Product number: 8176001
$85.90 plus shipping

In stock for immediate delivery
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Massoth Decoder Service Board

Do you have more than one or two decoder equipped locomotives? Do you like to customize your decoders to your preferences? Do you want to test your decoders before installing them? If you answer is yes, then the Massoth Decoder Service board is for you.

The board allows programming and testing of nearly all currently available G-scale decoders. It has interface sockets for many interface-equipped G-scale decoders, as well as screw-down and plug-in terminals for connecting decoders without interface.

The board offers a wide variety of connections for accessories such as loudspeakers, uncouplers, servos and SUSI modules. Read more ...