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Massoth DiMAX 280R Feedback Module
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Product number: 8170001

The DiMAX Feedback module monitors change in the status of track contacts, reed switches, turnout switches, and certain digital track sections, and relays change in status to the central station where a pre-programmed action, such as throwing a switch, turning a light on or off, or passing the information on to a computer, is initiated.

Depending on how it is programmed, a feedback module can detect the passage of a train, its direction of travel, or its location.

Each feedback module can monitor up to 8 inputs. All inputs are blocked for 2 seconds once triggered to prevent cycling.

Multiple feedback modules can be interconnected in a master/slave configuration with the master module connected directly to the central station via a bus cable.

Each master module can manage up to 4 slaves. The slaves send their signals to the master and the master relays the signal to the central station. The signal may be send immediately or after a CV controlled time delay.

The feedback Module may be retrofitted with a DiMAX Feedback transmitter for wireless communication. The DiMAX Feedback Transmitter eliminates the need for a bus cable between the feedback module and the central station.

The feedback module is compatible with both the Massoth DiMAX bus and the LGB® MTS bus. When connected to either bus via a bus cable, the feedback module is powered by the bus through the cable. In wireless operation, an external power supply is required.

The feedback module is programmed just like a decoder, either on the programming track or by using the Massoth PC module.

Wireless communication requires Massoth's DiMAX RC Receiver [product number: 8132001].

Technical specifications:
  • Supply voltage in wireless operation: 10-24 DC / DCC, 12-18V AC
  • Current: ~ 30mA ( ~ 50mA for wireless operation)
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 113°F
  • Dimensions: 80x70x20mm
Scope of delivery:
  • Feedback module
  • Bus cable
  • User's Manual

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