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Massoth DiMAX 1210Z Central Station, 12 Amps

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Massoth DiMAX1210Z central station

The Massoth DiMAX 1210Z Digital Central Station is a 12-Amp, state-of-the art, configurable, NMRA-DCC compliant, compact central station without an integrated transformer.

It features a large easy to read back-lit display, adjustable current and voltage outputs, a user friendly control menu, 3 large front-panel-mounted buttons for menu navigation and control, 3 front-panel connections for peripheral components, one USB and one RS232 computer interface, a programming track connection, a booster connection, a temperature controlled fan, automatic over-heat protection, automatic short-circuit protection, and automatic overload protection.

It is the optimal choice for operation and control of medium to large G-scale model train layouts.

A unique feature of the DiMAX 1210Z is its ability to produce both digital and analog signals which enables it to control locomotives equipped with the newest decoders as well as those equipped with older sound modules.

The DiMAX 1210Z updated computer interface can be used to install firmware updates to DiMAX bus components. It can also be used for computer-controlled layout operations; it is compatible with almost all software designed for this purpose.

Properties of the 1210Z Central Station:

  • Up to 12 Amps track current
  • Supply voltage: 16-24 V DC, NO AC POWER!
  • Output current at 14-22 V: max. 12 Amps
  • Adjustable maximum track current: 4 Amps, 7 Amps, or 12 Amps
  • Adjustable and stabilized track voltage from 14 - 22 V
  • Easy to read LCD display, white letters with blue background lighting
  • Selectable parallel or serial data processing
  • Thermal overload control / automatic overheat protection
  • Temperature controlled fan
  • Automatic short circuit protection (adjustable cut off time: 0.1 sec to 0.8 sec)
  • Additional programing track outlet (2 Amps max.)
  • Operation status LED on front panel
  • Activity status LED on front panel
  • Booster status LED on front panel
  • STOP status LED on front panel (supports LGB® MTS blinking emergency stop light)
  • Easy to use menu controlled by 3 push buttons on front panel
  • Push button control of STOP function on front panel
  • 3 connectors for peripheral units on front panel
  • 1 booster connector for DiMAX and LGB® boosters on rear panel
  • 2 Amp control bus for 31 input devices or control units
  • Operational control by DiMAX Navigator and LGB® Loco or Universal Remote
  • PC Interface (USB) for firmware updates of all DiMAX bus components
  • Free firmware update, down-loadable
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC
  • Compatible with LGB® MTS
  • Top quality aluminum housing
  • Dimensions: 170 x 100 x 245 mm
System Properties
  • 10239 locomotive addresses
  • 14 / 28/ 128 speed steps
  • 2048 switch addresses
  • 2048 feedback addresses
  • 99 functions: 28 function keys + light key + 60 binary states
  • A database for 128 pre-configured locomotives
  • Simultaneous control of up to 32 locomotives
  • Automatic functions without PC
  • Write CV (direct / indirect)
  • Read CV
  • Register programming
  • PoM (programming on main)

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