Massoth Product List Massoth Rolling Road G, Blue

Massoth Rolling Road G, Blue

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Massoth Rolling Road G

The patented Rolling Road System features a custom-made guiding wheel technology that guarantees the best running characteristics for all locomotives. This design is superior to ball bearing units. Wheel supports are firmly positioned on the tracks, even in curves, and repositioning is easy. A highlight of this design is the 3° tilt of the guiding wheels surfaces in conformance with the NEM standards (European Model Railroading Standard).

Carbon dust originating from a locomotive's carbon pick-up brushes can be removed easily from the stainless steel guiding wheels by dipping them into cleaning fluid or by vacuuming. Just use a single drop of oil to coat the guiding wheels after cleaning.

This is truly a first class product for testing or programming your favorite G-scale locomotives.

Technical Specifications:

  • Gauge: 45mm
  • Minimum axle distance: 45mm

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