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Massoth DiMAX Reverse Loop Module

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Massoth DiMAX Reverse Loop Module

The Massoth DiMAX Reverse Loop Module ensures flawless operation in reversing-loops and Wye-junctions. The module can handle digital track currents of up to 15Amps without triggering a short-circuit.

Currently available products for operating reversing-loops and Wye-junctions rely exclusively on short-circuit detection, the Massoth DiMAX Reverse Loop Module offers additional options as well.

With the included sensor-tracks installed, the module operates without relying on short-circuit detection at all. The module detects the polarization of the entering train and adjusts the polarity of the reversing-loop section accordingly, before the train enters the loop. Track contacts (reed switches) may be used instead of the supplied sensor tracks; however, using track contacts requires the installation of a magnet under each locomotive.

A mixed operation with sensor-tracks and short-circuit detection is also possible; short-circuit detection is switch on or off with a jumper inside the module. If a sensor track fails to work properly due to contamination or corrosion, short circuit-detection serves as backup. A reliable operation of the module is thus guaranteed at all times as two separate switching relays are utilized.

The module will adjust to the correct polarization even if a train bridges a disconnecting point when the system is switched on. In this case the loop section of the layout will be powered up with a slight delay relative to the main section.

With no sensor-tracks or track-contacts installed, the module operates effectively, relying exclusively on short-circuit detection.

The module may also be used in analog mode; however, a separate power supply is required for the loop section.

In analog mode, no train may bridge a disconnecting point when the system is switched on.

Technical Specifications:
  • Power supply: 14 - 24V DCC, 0-24V DC
  • Maximum continuous switching current: 8 Amps
  • Maximum momentary switching current: 16 Amps
  • Current draw: approx. 50mAmps
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 125°F
Scope of delivery:
  • DiMAX Reverse Loop Module
  • 4 Sensor Tracks
  • User's Manual

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