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Massoth DiMAX 2.4GHz Receiver

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Massoth  DiMAX 2.4GHz Receiver

The DiMAX 2.4GHz Receiver is a universal receiver that can be used world wide. It enables a Massoth central station, an LGB® MTS III central station, or a Piko central station to communicate wirelessly with up to 4 Massoth Navigators the same time. With a maximum of 2 receivers, a central station can communicate with up to 8 Navigators at the same time. The Massoth DiMAX 2.4GHz receiver has a range of approximately 300 feet.

2 activity LEDs report the operating status of the receiver at all times. Power for the receiver is provided by the digital bus.

The receiver is equipped with 2 connection sockets. One is used to connect the receiver to a DiMAX central station; the other may be used to connect the receiver to an LGB® 51070 throttle or a Piko® 35002 throttle for wireless analog operation using a Massoth Wireless Navigator.

The receiver is equipped with an internal antennae; an external antennae is not required nor supplied.

Technical specifications:
  • Supply voltage: 5-24 V DC depending on the central station
  • Current: 30mA at idle
  • Transmitting output: max. 10mW
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 113°F
  • Dimensions:68x78x20mm
Scope of delivery:
  • RC receiver
  • One bus cable
  • User's Manual

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User's manual

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