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Massoth DiMAX 4-channel Switch Decoder II (replaces LGB 55025)

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Massoth Dimax 4 Channel Switch Decoder

Massoth's DiMAX 4-channel motor and switch decoder is an all-purpose decoder with 8 function outputs that can be controlled digitally, by reed relays, or by other switches. The decoder can be controlled via loco address or switch address.

In switch address mode, the decoder features 4 coupled function outputs: 1 & 2 (SW1), 3 & 4 (SW2), 5 & 6 (SW3), and 7 & 8 (SW4). Dual power amplifiers facilitate operation of switch drive is two directions and an intelligent protection software inhibits simultaneous operation of coupled functions.

In loco address mode, the decoder features 8 freely programmable function outputs where each output can be triggered independently.

The 4-channel switch decoder features 8 programmable contact inputs that can be used to operate switches by pushing a button on a control panel or by activating a track contact.

The decoder can be used to control lights, coil-operated switch drives, and electrically-operated motor drives. For instance, it can be used to control the vertical and horizontal displacements of a crane's boom and as well as the operation of its winch and bucket.

The Massoth DiMAX 4-channel switch decoder may be used in place of LGB 55025 switch decoder.

Technical Specifications:
  • Power supply: 12 - 24V DCC
  • Maximum load: 3Amps
  • Function output: Maximum 1.5Amps per output
  • Contact inputs: connected toward GND
  • Current draw: approx. 30mAmps
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 125°F
Summary of functions:
  • Digital motor and switch decoder for NMRA-DCC compatible operation
  • Up to 8 function outputs ( including 4x2 for motor and EPL drives)
  • Up to 8 inputs for manual control
  • Overload protection for all functions
  • Controllable via locomotive addresses(1..10239) or switch addresses (1..2048)
  • Convenient function mapping when using locomotive addresses, including direction assignment
  • Programmable flashing light function and short duration function
  • Multiple programming options, including register, CV, and PoM
  • Reset function for all CVs values
Scope of delivery:
  • DiMAX motor and switch decoder
  • User's Manual

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