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Massoth eMOTION Firebox Light Module

Product number: 8242060
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Massoth eMotion Firebox Light Module

A small light board with 2 long-lasting, energy efficient LEDs, suitable for installation in all steam locomotives. Using an orange and a red LED the firebox module simulates the flickering light of a wood or coal fire.

The modules work with AC, DC or DCC power, it is not polarity sensitive.

In analog operation, the firebox light module produces a steady flicker; when connected to a decoder, it can produce an animated flickering light.

The module is installed with either 2 screws or with double-sided tape. Solder pads are provided for power hookup.

The firebox module does not come with a power buffer. Provision have been made for the installation of a power buffer to improve power stabilization.

Technical specifications

  • Power Supply: 0..24V DC, AC or DCC
  • Operating current: max. 25 mAmps (at 24V)
  • Temperature range: -4°F to +122°F
  • Measurements (L x W ): 33 x 15 mm

Scope of delivery

  • Firebox light Module
  • User's Manual

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User's manual

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