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Massoth eMOTION L Locomotive Decoder

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eMotion L Locomotive Decoder

The Massoth eMOTION L decoder is a compact, 2.5 Amps driving and function decoder designed for installation in 1 motor, G-scale locomotives.

The L decoder conforms to the pin arrangement of the LGB®'s 55021 decoder making it suitable for installation in LGB® locomotives equipped with a direct-decoder interface.

It is also suitable for installation in locomotives equipped with LGB® six pin decoder interface, a Massoth six-pin interface cable 8150602 is required.

The L decoder features selectable 14/28/128 speed steps, 2 light and 6 function outputs with a maximum total load capacity of 1Amp, analog and digital operation, digital and analog Back EMF, and a Massoth-SUSI interface.

Operating the L decoder with an additional power buffer increases its dependability: brief track power disruptions are bridged in analog and digital operation, and contaminated tracks and switch frogs are negotiated without any speed changes or interruptions.

The Massoth eMOTION L decoder is fully compatible with NMRA/DCC, and compatible with all generations of the LGB® MTS system.

Summary of Features:

  • Total amperage: 2.5Amps
  • Motor amperage: 1.8AMps
  • Light and function outputs amperage: 1.0Amps
  • 10239 Locomotive addresses
  • 14/28/128 speed steps
  • 256 internal speed steps
  • Programmable speed curve
  • Adjustable starting, mid, and maximum speed
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration time
  • Adjustable motor frequency (90Hz-16kHz)
  • Latest load control technology, Back-EMF, analog and digital
  • Switching speed activated with mappable function key
  • 2 light outputs, 2x 500mAmps (front and rear)
  • 6 function outputs, 2 x 500mAmps(A1-A2), 4 X 50mAmps (A3-A6)
  • Connection for optional power buffer
  • RC servo control channel
  • Connection for pulse simulation function
  • Massoth-SUSI interface
  • Light and function outputs dimmable; can be activated in analog operation
  • Programmable blinking lights, short-duration function, and pulse generator function
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC and all generations of the LGB® MTS system
  • Digital and analog operation with automatic recognition
  • Serial and parallel control of all lights and function outputs including LGB® P-sound updates
  • Parallel and serial control of LGB® sound modules
  • Overload protection for motor and function outputs
  • Overheat protection for motor and function outputs
  • Easy to use function mapping with direction assignment
  • All function output are freely addressable (F1 -F16)
  • Rest function for all CV values
  • CV-read
  • CV-write
  • CV-write (bit by bit)
  • CV indirect programming - register programming for old digital system
  • CV direct register programming (CV1-CV4)
  • Programming-on-Main (POM)
  • firmware updatable

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 0-24 Volts DC/DCC
  • Maximum total load: 2.5Amps
  • Motor output: Max. 1.8Amps, 70Hz-16kHz, load controlled, digital and analog
  • Light outputs: Max.(2 X 500mAmps) 22V dimmable
  • Function outputs [1, 2]: Max.(2 X 500mAmps) 22V dimmable
  • Function outputs [3, 4, 5, 6]: Max.(4 x 50mAmps)
  • Total light and function outputs combined: Max. 1Amp
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to 113°F
  • Dimensions: 55x25x14mm

Scope of Delivery

  • eMOTION L Decoder
  • Double-sided Tape
  • User's Manual
  • Configuration Manual

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User's manual

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Configuration manual

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