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Massoth eMOTION LS Sound Decoder

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eMotion LS Sound Decoder

The Massoth emotion LS decoder is a small 2.5Amps driving, function, and sound decoder designed for installation in G-scale locomotives equipped with a single motor.

The LS features a 1.9Amps output stage for a single motor, 3 light outputs, 6 function outputs, 3 contacts inputs,a Massoth-SUSI interface, and an integrated 2.4-watt class D sound amplifier with 6 independent sound channels.

The LS offers selectable 14/28/128 speed steps, analog and digital operation, digital and analog Back EMF, and overload - overheat protection for motor and function outputs.

The decoder holds a little over 2.5 minutes of high quality digital sound. It stores a locomotive's prototypical operating sounds as well as an array of additional sounds that may be configured to suit individual tastes. The integrated digital power amplifier reproduces all sounds and side noises of a locomotive authentically.

Operating the LS decoder with an additional power buffer increases its dependability: brief track power disruptions are bridged in analog and digital operation and contaminated tracks and switch frogs are negotiated without any speed changes or interruptions.

The eMOTION LS sound decoder supports the full NMRA protocol, and is compatible with all generations of the LGB® MTS system.

Summary of Features:

  • Total amperage: 2.5Amps
  • Motor amperage: 1.9AMps
  • Light and function outputs amperage: 1.0Amps
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC and all generations of LGB® MTS systems
  • Serial and parallel control of all lights and function outputs, including LBG® P-sound updates
  • Digital and analog operation with automatic recognition
  • 10239 Locomotive addresses
  • Separate programming address
  • 14/28/128 speed steps
  • 256 internal speed steps
  • Programmable speed curve
  • Adjustable starting, mid, and maximum speed
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration time
  • Adjustable motor frequency (90Hz-16kHz)
  • Latest load control technology, Back-EMF, analog and digital
  • Switching speed activated with mappable function key
  • 3 light outputs, 3 X 300mAmps (front, interior, and rear)
  • 6 function outputs, 4 X 600mAmps (F1-F4), 2 X 10mAmps (F7-F8)
  • 2 Reed contact inputs
  • RC servo control channel
  • Connection for optional power buffer
  • Connection for programmable pulse generation function
  • Massoth-SUSI interface
  • Light and function outputs dimmable; can be activated in analog operation
  • Programmable blinking lights, short-duration function, and pulse generator function
  • Easy to use function mapping
  • Free command allocation of all function outputs (F1-F16)
  • Rest function for all CV values
  • Overload protection for motor and function outputs
  • Overheat protection for motor and function outputs
  • Sounds and firmware updatable

Sound Features:

  • 2.4-watt class D sound amplifier for 8 Ohms speaker
  • 6 channel play-back (6 sounds at the same time)
  • Memory capacity for max. 150 sec. of recorded sound
  • 4 driving sounds, and 12 side noises, selectable
  • Play-back frequency: 10KHz - 16KHz
  • Volume control by potentiometer or CV programming (also individual sounds)
  • Sound functions usable in analogue mode

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 0-24 Volts DC/DCC
  • Maximum total load: 2.5Amps
  • Motor output: Max. 1.9Amps, 70Hz-16kHz, load controlled, digital and analog
  • Light outputs: Max.(3 X 300mAmps) 22V dimmable
  • Function outputs:(4 X 600mAmps), (2 X 10mAmps)
  • Total light and function outputs combined: Max. 1.0Amps
  • Loudspeaker 8 Ohms (Min. 1.5 watts)
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to 113°F
  • Dimensions: 55x25x14mm

Scope of Delivery

  • eMOTION LS Decoder
  • Interface cable for light functions
  • Interface cable for functions F1 and F2
  • User's Manual

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User's manual

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Configuration manual

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Recommended loudspeaker

Massoth eMOTION LS Decoder sound options

The LS decoders are programmed at the factory with one of 3 generic locomotive sounds: steam, diesel, or electric. The LS decoder can also be programmed with any of the specific locomotive sounds listed below. We will gladly do the programming for you at no extra charge.

To view the sound data sheet for a specific decoder, click on the corresponding reference number. To view the picture of the prototype locomotive, click on the locomotive's name. To listen to a sample of how the decoder reproduces the sounds of a specific locomotive, click on the corresponding speaker icon.

The music you hear in the background of the sample is for copy protection only; you will not hear it when listening to an actual decoder.

Availability status legend
not in production Not in production, not available
New Item, available shortly New Item, available shortly
available Available, in stock
available Available, in very short supply
not available Currently unavailable, out of stock
Reference Number Availability Status Prototype Locomotive's Name and Picture MP3
Generic Locomotive Sounds
8211100 item available Small Steam Locomotive, Stainz speaker
8221100 item available Small Diesel Locomotive speaker
8231100 item available Small Electric locomotive (Street Car) speaker
Steam Locomotives
8211014 item available Industrial field railway steam locomotive speaker
8211015 item available Tender for steam locomotive
8211018 item available Franzburg steam locomotive
8211019 item available US steam locomotive, 2-6-0 Mogul speaker
8211021 item available Stainz steam locomotive speaker
8211025 item available US steam locomotive Forney/Columbus speaker
8211026 item available HF 110 Rail Nicki & Frank S steam locomotive speaker
8211027 item available G 3/4 RhB Heidi steam locomotive speaker
8211047 item available HG 3/3 Ballenburg cog wheel steam Locomotive speaker
8211050 item available Kastendampflok, Feuriger Elias steam locomotive speaker
8211071 item available Baureihe U, Zillertalbahn steam locomotive speaker
8211074 item available 1C 99-5633 Spreewald steam locomotive speaker
8211080 item available 1C1 99-6001 HSB 2-6-2 steam locomotive speaker
8211081 item available 1E1 99-222 HSB 2-10-2 steam locomotive speaker
8211084 item available Saxonian IV K steam locomotive speaker
8211085 item available DR Mallet steam locomotive speaker
8211087 item available Mikado steam locomotive speaker
8211088 item available Uintah Mallet steam locomotive speaker
8211098 item available Saxonian I K steam locomotive speaker
8211099 item available Saxonian II K steam locomotive
8211110 item available 99 5901 HSB Mallet steam locomotive speaker
8211120 item available Fiffi + Pfiffi HSB steam locomotive speaker
8211200 item available G 4/5 RhB steam locomotive speaker
8211210 item available G 3/4 RhB Rhätia steam locomotive speaker
8211300 item available US Steam locomotive, Shay speaker
8211310 item available US Steam locomotive, K27/K28
8211500 item available BR 01 / 03 / 012 steam locomotive speaker
8211510 item available BR 80 steam locomotive speaker
8211520 item available SNCF Mikado steam locomotive speaker
8211530 item available BR 64 steam locomotive speaker
8211540 item available BR 24 steam locomotive
8211800 item available 99 4633 RüKB Rügen steam locomotive speaker
Diesel Locomotives
8221041 item available Tm 2/2 15ff RhB diesel tractor speaker
8221049 item available US diesel Locomotive GE P42 Genesis, AMD 103 speaker
8221051 item available V51 Rügen / V52 DB diesel locomotive speaker
8221052 Item Available 2091 ÖBB diesel locomotive speaker
8221055 item available US diesel locomotive, ALCO DL535E speaker
8221057 item available US diesel locomotive, EMD F7A/B speaker
8221059 item available HF 130 diesel locomotive speaker
8221063 item available LGB US diesel switcher
8221066 item available VT133 Anteater rail bus speaker
8221090 item available Köf diesel switcher speaker
8221091 item available Industrial field railway diesel switcher speaker
8221093 item available 199 012 HSB Köf diesel switcher speaker
8221096 item available 2095 ÖBB diesel locomotive speaker
8221110 item available T3 diesel rail car speaker
8221120 item available V3 diesel locomotive speaker
8221130 item available T1 diesel rail car
8221300 item available US diesel locomotive, EDM GP9
8221500 item available V200 (BR 220) BoBo big diesel locomotive speaker
8221510 item available V160 (BR 218) DB diesel locomotive speaker
8221520 item available VT98 rail car speaker
8221530 item available V60 diesel locomotive speaker
8221540 item available VW Bulli
8221550 item available V100 (BR 199 - BR 204) Harzkamel diesel locomotive speaker
8221560 item available Köf DB diesel switcher speaker
8221570 item available VT11.5 TEE DB diesel speaker
8221580 item available X5800 diesel rail bus
8221590 item available T478 diesel locomotive
8221600 item available V36 diesel locomotive
Electric Locomotives
8231022 item available ABe 8/12 RhB Allegra speaker
8231031 item available BR 101 DB speaker
8231035 item available Historic street car, (Darmstadt -Germany) speaker
8231038 item available New Orleans street car speaker
8231039 item available ABe 4/4 RhB rail car speaker
8231040 item available Ge 6/6 I RhB Crocodile speaker
8231042 item available Ge 4/4 III RhB
8231043 item available Ge 4/4 II RhB speaker
8231045 item available Ge 2/4 RhB speaker
8231075 item available E 10 (BR 110) DB Electric Locomotive speaker
8231200 item available Ge 6/6 II RhB speaker
8231210 item available Gem 4/4 I RhB speaker
8231220 item available Ge 4/4 RhB speaker
8231230 item available Ge 4/4 RhB Bernina Crocodile speaker
8231250 item available Ge 4/4 III MOB
8231260 item available Ge 4/4 III (incl. 100 Year Albula jubilee sound) speaker
8231510 item available BR 182 Taurus speaker
8231520 item available ICE III speaker
8230530 item available BR 194 (E 194) DB Crocodile speaker

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