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Massoth Programmable Train Destination Display, 2 pack

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Massoth Train Destination Display 1

The Massoth programmable Train Destination Display (TDD) is the perfect model railway accessory; it is suitable for both analog and digital operations. It may be used to display a picture such as a railway icon or symbol, a text string such as the name of a railway station or a greeting, and or an analog or digital clock.

the TDD is delivered pre-programmed with about 400 railway station names and special text strings as well 18 railway icons and symbols. Ten user programmed text strings may also be added.

Originally designed for use in LGB® RhB Allegra locomotives, the TDD can be adapted, with some modification, for use in other applications.

The Massoth Train Destination display is supplied with a housing specifically designed for easy installation in LGB@ RhB Allegra locomotives with no modification required.

in DCC mode, the display features 7 operating modes: 3 manuals modes including function key and binary state activation, and 4 automatic modes including contact triggered activation and activation by stopping. In DC mode, no manual and only some automatic modes are possible.

For DCC operation, a track-power connection is all that is required to complete installation; for DC operation, a Massoth power cap #8151601 is also required.

Massoth Train Destination Display 2 Massoth Train Destination Display 3 Massoth Train Destination Display 4 Massoth Train Destination Display 5

Summary of Features:

  • Display housing included
  • Powered via a simple track connection
  • Usable in digital and analog mode (power cap required in analog mode
  • Close to 400 pre-programmed station names and special text strings
  • Station names from Germany, Switzerland, USA and more
  • 18 pre-programmed railways icon and symbols
  • Digital and analog clocks (Model and real-time driven)
  • 10 user programmable text strings
  • Text strings may be left or right justified or centered
  • browsing function
  • Activation with function keys
  • Binary state activation
  • Activation by stopping
  • Contact or infrared triggered activation
  • 2 Contact inputs
  • 2 function outputs (max.100mA each)

Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply: 10-24V DC/DCC; 12-18V AC
  • Operating current: max. 10mA in idle mode; max. 30mA in trigger mode
  • Function outputs:(2 X 100mA); no overload protection ,no short circuit protection
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to 113°F
  • Dimensions: 83x38x10mm

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 display decoders
  • 2 displays(connected)
  • 2 display housings with panes
  • 2 4-pin plug connectors
  • Foam pad
  • User's manual

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User's manual

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