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Massoth Pulsed Smoke Generator for Round Boilers

Product No.: 8415001 - Pulsed Smoke Generator for Round Boilers
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Massoth Pulsed Smoke Generator Round Boilers

The Massoth pulsed smoke generator for round boilers may be retrofitted in most G scale steam locomotives. It combines pulsed steam and cylinder steam functionality in a single unit. With an outer diameter of only 30mm, the unit can be easily installed in smaller G scale locomotives such as the LGB Stainz and Franzburg.

The Massoth Pulsed Smoke Generator for Round Boilers connects directly to track power and operates with DCC speed steps, hall-effect sensor, or clock signal from a decoder. With a newly designed fan and optimized airflow this smoke unit makes more smoke than ever. Overheating and dry-run protection are integrated.

The pulsed smoke generator is equipped with a fully integrated decoder that features a standard loco address and a separate programming address. POM programming of the smoke generator is thus possible.

the smoke generator's heating element and fan may be independently activated and controlled for optimum smoke effects; several CVs are available for setting temperature of the heating element, preheating of the element, and various fan speed. Load-dependent smoke generation is possible when the generator is connected to the SUSI interface terminal of a Massoth eMOTION decoder.

Technical specifications

  • Operating voltage : 18 -24V DCC
  • Operating current: 1000mA
  • Operating temperature: -4°F to 122°F
  • Capacity: 5cc (optimum); 10cc (Maximum)
  • Dimensions: 54x42x30mm
Scope of Delivery
  • Pulsed smoke generator with attached leads
  • Additional lead for pulsed smoke generator
  • Clear tubing set
  • User's Manual

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User's manual

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