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Featured Massoth Products

Massoth Cup "Digital"

Product number: 8000221
$17.90 plus shipping

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Massoth Cup Digital

This is a nicely shaped cup (280ml) in noble dark blue and a modern print . It is microwave and dishwasher safe. It is a must have for every garden railway hobbyist, and it makes a perfect gift.

Massoth DiMAX Navigator 2.4GHz

Product number: 8134801
$325.00 plus shipping

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Massoth Navigator 2.4GHz

The DiMAX Navigator 2.4GHz is a state-of-the-art, ergonomically shaped, cab controller for digital model railroads. It offers an extensive array of features and functions and an intuitive easy to navigate control menu.

Its large, back-lit LCD with a white background is easy to read, even in extreme lighting conditions.

Because of its symmetrical shape and balanced weight distribution, the Navigator is equally comfortable for right-handed and left-handed users.

The DiMAX Navigator 2.4GHz is factory equipped with a 2.4GHz transmitter enabling it to communicate with the central station either wirelessly or via a cable connection.

A Massoth DiMAX Receiver 2.4GHz [product number: 8131001]is required for wireless communication between the DiMAX Navigator 2.4GHz and the central station.

Massoth DiMAX 2.4GHz Receiver

Product number: 8131001
$159.00 plus shipping

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Massoth  DiMAX 2.4GHz Receiver

The DiMAX 2.4GHz Receiver is a universal receiver that can be used world wide. It enables a Massoth central station, an LGB® MTS III central station, or a Piko central station to communicate wirelessly with up to 4 Massoth Navigators the same time. With a maximum of 2 receivers, a central station can communicate with up to 8 Navigators at the same time. The Massoth DiMAX 2.4GHz receiver has a range of approximately 300 feet.

2 activity LEDs report the operating status of the receiver at all times. Power for the receiver is provided by the digital bus.

The receiver is equipped with 2 connection sockets. One is used to connect the receiver to a DiMAX central station; the other may be used to connect the receiver to an LGB® 51070 throttle or a Piko® 35002 throttle for wireless analog operation using a Massoth Wireless Navigator.

Massoth DiMAX ITC/IR Stater Set

Product number: 8172911
$119.90 plus shipping

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Massoth Dimax IRC/IR Starter Set

Today, large modern railways use location-specific systems to monitor and control the behavior of passing trains by transferring location-relevant data from the track to the train. For instance,they have used these location-specific systems to monitor and insure that a “STOP” has not been exceeded.

The Massoth Intermittent Train Control (ITC) / Infrared (IR) system is a location-specific train control system for garden railways. It is an innovative way to monitor and control a DCC-decoder-equipped locomotive operating on a digital track from a specific location on the track. The system uses infrared signals and operates independently from the digital track signal.

The ITC/IR system consists of an ITC/IR signal decoder, which is installed at a specific location on the track, and an ITC/IR receiver, which is installed in a locomotive and connected to its existing DCC decoder. Infrared signals are transmitted from signal-decoders on the track to the IR-Receivers in the passing trains. The system requires minimal wiring and track power is sufficient for operation.

Massoth 100mm LED Analog Lighting units, 2-pack

Product number: 8122202
$23.90 plus shipping

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Massoth 100mm LED Analog Lighting Units

White-coated lighting boards with 2 long-lasting, energy-efficient, extra bright white LEDs and an integrated voltage stabilization circuit; works with AC (0-24) DC (0-24V) and DCC (0-24V); suitable for installation in almost all LGB® passenger cars.

The reflective surface of the board directs the output of the LEDs to the inside of the passenger cars effectively. A warm light fills the model passenger cars nicely with minimal power consumption.

The lighting units feature an integrated power buffer; a separate capacitor may be installed on the backside to increase the buffering time.

The analog LED lighting unit may be connected to a Massoth LED digital lighting unit (Product number 8122302) to have its lights switch on and off by the digital unit.

Massoth 100mm LED Digital Lighting units, 2-pack

Product number: 8122302
$36.90 plus shipping

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In stock

Massoth 100mm LED digital Lighting Units

White-coated lighting boards with 2 long-lasting, energy-efficient, extra bright white LEDs, a built-in voltage stabilization circuit, and an integrated 2-channel decoder; works with AC (0-24V), DC (0-24V) and DCC (0-24V); suitable for installation in almost all LGB® passenger cars.

The integrated decoder features 2 function outputs with a total combined load capacity of 130mAmps. Lighting effects such as dimming, simulation of fluorescent tubes or mars lights, as well as single or double strobe are possible in digital and analog mode.

A Massoth LED analog lighting unit may be connected to the digital lighting unit to have its lights controlled by the digital unit and to have the same lighting effects possible with the digital lighting unit.

Massoth Switching Coupler, 2 pack

Product number: 8442000
126.90 plus shipping

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In stock

Massoth Switching coupler

The automatic uncoupler (#8414002) was in use for nine years. Now it is replaced by the new Switching Coupler #8442000, which not only looks different, but also differs significantly in operation. The Switching Coupler is compatible with the classic G gauge hook-and-loop coupler and features completely revised control electronics with a limit switch, plug-in connection cable, a new type of uncoupler plate along with running boards and a new coupler hook. The uncoupling plate has a visually appealing checker plate design, which is also used to uncouple the symmetrical coupler. Manual uncoupling by hand is now also conveniently possible thanks to the two small side running boards. If you don’t like these running boards, you can simply cut them off with a pair of pliers.

Massoth LED Light Sets

Product number: 8129510, 8129520, 8129530
$16.90 - $23.90 plus shipping

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Massoth LED Light Sets

The Massoth LED Light Sets can be used to replace or supplement existing lighting in garden railway trains, cars, and buildings. Each set consist of an LED, a resistor and a connecting cable. The sets are best suited for use in DCC operations. The required resistor is already attached to the LED, as is the connecting cable. A set may be connected to a decoder function with an output voltage of 5..22V, no special knowledge or programming is required.

Massoth Rolling Road G, Blue

Product number: 8101200
$52.90 plus shipping

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In stock

Massoth Rolling Road G

The patented Rolling Road System features a custom-made guiding wheel technology that guarantees the best running characteristics for all locomotives. This design is superior to ball bearing units. Wheel supports are firmly positioned on the tracks, even in curves, and repositioning is easy. A highlight of this design is the 3° tilt of the guiding wheels surfaces in conformance with the NEM standards (European Model Railroading Standard).

Carbon dust originating from a locomotive's carbon pick-up brushes can be removed easily from the stainless steel guiding wheels by dipping them into cleaning fluid or by vacuuming. Just use a single drop of oil to coat the guiding wheels after cleaning.

Massoth DiMAX 4-channel Switch Decoder II (replaces LGB 55025/55525)

Product number: 8156101
$84.90 plus shipping

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Massoth Dimax 4 Channel Switch Decoder

The Massoth DiMAX 4-channel motor and switch decoder is an all-purpose decoder with 8 function outputs that can be controlled digitally, by reed relays, or by other switches. The decoder can be controlled via loco address or switch address.

In switch address mode, the decoder features 4 coupled function outputs: 1 & 2 (SW1), 3 & 4 (SW2), 5 & 6 (SW3), and 7 & 8 (SW4). Dual power amplifiers facilitate operation of switch drive is two directions and an intelligent protection software inhibits simultaneous operation of coupled functions.

In loco address mode, the decoder features 8 freely programmable function outputs where each output can be triggered independently.

The 4-channel switch decoder features 8 programmable contact inputs that can be used to operate switches by pushing a button on a control panel or by activating a track contact.

Massoth eMOTION XLS On-board Sound Decoder

Product number: 82X6XXX
$229.00 plus shipping

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In stock

eMotion XLS On-board Sound Decoder

The Massoth eMOTION XLS on-board decoder is a powerful 4.0 Amps driving, function, and sound decoder designed for installation in LGB locomotives factory equipped with an LGB DCC Interface or an LGB On-board Decoder. Installation is plug and play, existing cables are unplugged from the factory installed PCB and plugged into the Massoth on-board decoder.

The XLS on-board decoder features a 3.5Amps output stage for up to two motors, 3 light outputs, 4 function outputs, 2 contacts inputs, a SUSI-MTB(Märklin Train Bus) interface, and an integrated 2.8 watt Class D sound amplifier with 6 independent sound channels.

The XLS offers selectable 14/28/128 speed steps, analog and digital operation, digital/analog Back EMF, and overload - overheat protection for motor and function outputs.

Massoth eMOTION XL Locomotive Decoder (replaces LGB 55027)

Product number: 8150001
$79.90 plus shipping

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In stock

eMotion XL Locomotive Decoder

The Massoth eMOTION XL decoder is a small and powerful 4.0Amps driving and function decoder designed for installation in G-scale locomotives equipped with 1 or 2 driving motors.

The XL decoder features selectable 14/28/128 speed steps, 3 light outputs, 6 function outputs, 2 contacts inputs with a maximum total load capacity of 1.3Amps, analog and digital operation, digital and analog Back EMF, and a Massoth-SUSI interface.

Operating the XL decoder with an additional power buffer increases its dependability: brief track power disruptions are bridged in analog and digital operation and contaminated tracks and switch frogs are negotiated without any speed changes or interruptions.

The Massoth eMOTION XL decoder is fully compatible with NMRA/DCC, and compatible with all generations of the LGB® MTS system.

Massoth DiMAX PC Module USB

Product number: 8175201
$174.90 plus shipping

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In stock

Massoth PC Module

The Massoth DiMAX PC Module offers an easy way to update the firmware of Massoth DiMAX Digital bus components such as the Navigator, the feedback module, and the RC receiver. It may also be used for programming Massoth decoders or updating their firmware.

The module is required for updating the firmware and changing the sound of Massoth sound decoders.

When used in conjunction with Massoth's DCC programmer software, the module can read CV values from and write CV values to all kinds of DCC components e.g. digital decoders, sound decoders, and other digital components.

A USB cable to connect the Module to PC is provided; a SUSI fast-update cable for updating decoders equipped with a SUSI interface is also provided.

A 16-24V DC power supply (2 Amps minimum) is required to operate the module.